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Styling Your Home To Sell

If you’re thinking of selling your house this year, it is crucial that you understand how to present it to the market and how styling your home to benefit your potential buyers is crucial.

X Marks the Spot FULL

X Marks The Spot!

Easter's not just FOR THE KIDS! The thrill of an Easter egg hunt can be just as enjoyable for the parents as it is for the children! One of my favourite memories as a child was running around the house on Easter Sunday trying to think of all the cunning places that my parents had [...]
Bottom's Up! Resized

Bottom’s Up

Oh mamma mia IT'S SANGRIA INGREDIENTS Juice of 1 orange Juice of 1 lemon 2 TBSP icing sugar Cracked ice cubes 1 orange, thinly sliced 1 bottled of chilled red wine Lemonade, to taste METHOD Stir the lemon and orange juices in a large jug. Add the sugar, stir well. When he sugar has dissolved, [...]
Keep Those Tools Looking Fresh

Keep Those Tools Looking Fresh

Your gardening is only as good AS THE TOOLS YOU USE Hooray! Spring has finally arrived and it feels well over due! The nights are getting lighter, mornings are brighter and those frosty windscreens are becoming a distant memory. Daffodils are sprouting up everywhere and are like a green light for those with a green [...]
Wood Blog Post Header

Eco-friendly Furnishing

Eco-friendly Furnishing - Why Should You Opt for Reclaimed Wood? 'Purchasing reclaimed wood is a good start in building a brighter future for the natural world' There are many important benefits to be gained from the use of reclaimed timber. We live in a world of diminishing natural resources, over-forestation and environmental concerns. Using reclaimed [...]
Practical Storage Ideas

Clutter Busting Practical Storage Ideas

A home with more space is something we all desire. No matter how much space we have at our disposal we always find a way to fill it; often wondering how we managed without. When space is at a premium it is essential to be creative with your storage and utilise furniture to your advantage. Efficiently [...]
Tailored Interior Design Advice

Tailored Interior Design Advice

Tailored Interior Design Advice Here at The Haven, we like to offer our customers Tailored Interior Design Advice, an experience that is unique to your needs as much as ‘Havenly’ possible. Whether it be that awkward shape corner that should be so simple to fill, or that dated decor that has been a bugbear of yours for […]

Colourful Living Room

Inspire Me: Go Crazy With Colour

Why are we attracted to one product over another? Colour—whether architectural or in products— accounts for 60 percent of our response to an object or a place.

Do you often find yourself in a battle with colours – which is the colour you really love over which would be more practical for your room? Remember when selecting a colour to consider the mood of a room, plus the ora you’d like to create.

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