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Practical Storage Ideas

Clutter Busting Practical Storage Ideas

By Craig Burton

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A home with more space is something we all desire. No matter how much space we have at our disposal we always find a way to fill it; often wondering how we managed without. When space is at a premium it is essential to be creative with your storage and utilise furniture to your advantage. Efficiently organising your home can be a challenge, especially if you live in an apartment or shared accommodation.

Our Tailored Interior Design Advice service has inspired me to write this post, as many cherished customers have asked for inspiration with storage solutions especially in areas of their home that are hard to furnish. More often than not it simply requires thinking outside the box and many customers have found themselves solving problems that have lingered with them for years.

Some pieces of furniture can have an abundance of uses and some work wonderfully in environments where they wouldn’t traditionally be found; all of which will offer an effective way to utilise whatever space you have to work with. 

Low Bookcase

The Low Bookcase is a dark horse of the furniture world. Not high enough to rub shoulders with its taller counterpart, the Low Bookcase is often overlooked. Yet why not fill an alcove and cram it with books then top with a lamp, or place beneath a window? Don’t dismiss a bookcase if you’re not an avid reader, these look absolutely stunning filled with shoes, ornaments, or photo frames. Adding small plants can bring beauty and personality to a space, as well as cleansing the air too.

Sound like a good idea? Click here to view our entire collection of Bookcases.

Normandy Oak 3ft Bookcase
Santana Rustic Oak 5 Drawer Wellington


It’s no secret that narrow spaces are tricky to furnish. The Wellington takes this challenge with ease and provides storage while doing so! If you have an awkward gap between your sofa and the wall, overcrowded bathroom shelves, an odd shaped alcove or a corner that just looks bare then why not consider a Wellington or a more narrow Chest of Drawers? 

With a huge selection of drawers, we’re sure you’ll find one that you’ll love.

Nest of Tables

The classic Nest of Tables is eminently practical and essential to any home. They don’t demand much space when nested neatly together and provide practical platforms when required. The versatility of the Nest of Tables speaks volumes as they needn’t be used for drinks; why not top with lamps or plants to add brightness and character to your room?

When you invest in a Nest of Tables you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without. Take a peak at the Nest of Tables we have to offer.

Devon Oak Nest of Tables
Devon Oak Blanket Box

Blanket Box

Think outsde of the box, the Blanket Box that is. Scrap the traditional method for using a Blanket Box as a place for spare duvets and cushions and you’ll have a vast storage space that begs to be crammed full of handbags, shoes, or even winter woolies when they’re not needed. They work wonders storing nic-nacs and keepsakes too. I speak from experience when I say that the Blanket Box is a versatile storage solution for any bedroom.

Check out our selection of gorgeous Blanket Boxes by clicking here.


If you own a modest kitchen or simply need some extra storage for when your cupboards are bursting at the seam then a sideboard may be just what you’re looking for. They will serve in any setting by storing dining plates, dining utensils, bottles of booze and drinks glasses. The top also provides a great platform for just about anything from plants, photo frames and a lamp or even a coffee machine or your finest tea set. With tonnes of room inside the many compartments, the sideboard is the ultimate storage device for any home.

Click here to take a peek at our huge selection of sideboards.

Lyon Walnut Wide Sideboard
Provence Oak Glazed Dresser Hutch Top

Dresser Units

If you can’t expand outwards: expand upwards. Where space is at a premium and you’ve run out of room then the Dresser Units provide an excellent solution. Simply top one of our fabulous Sideboards with a matching Dresser Top Unit and you’ve doubled your storage capacity and saved space on the floor! It really is a clever way of adding storage as you can cram the cabinet with glasses, plates or anything else that needs a home.

Click here to see our selection of Dresser Units.

Console Tables

Your Hallway will be transformed when you put a Console Table next to your front door. These are notorious for keeping clutter at bay as they offer a home for letters and post, keys, and even sunglasses. The Console Table needn’t be confined to the Hallway as their versatile nature means they will adapt to any room. One particular customer needed a home for his beloved record player and collection of vinyls and found one of our Console Tables to do the job wonderfully. They will work brilliantly in a Kitchen, Dining Room or topped with plants in a Conservatory. 

See which Console Table will suit your home.

Santana Blonde Oak Hall Table

Handy Tip

One of the most important things you can do to keep a tidy home and make sure you’re getting the most out of your storage is to give it a purpose. By cramming anything and everything into any nook and cranny to keep things tidy won’t necessarily help keep your home organised. By keeping similar belongings together in designated compartments you will enjoy feeling organised and know where everything is on demand.

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