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The Wirral – The Paradise Peninsula – Part 1

By Craig Burton

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Where on Earth is

Nestled between the estuaries of the River Mersey and the River Dee is a place I’m proud to call home: The Wirral. Also known as The Paradise Peninsula, it is a hidden gem located in North West England. I will be writing a series of blogs aimed at Wirral dwellers who want to get the most out of their home, and to inspire those who enjoy exploring new places to see why The Wirral should most certainly be on their itinerary.


The rectangular appearance is arguably the most perfect example of peninsula in the world, where three sides of the land are surrounded by water. To the West of the Wirral is the River Dee that acts as a border to North Wales, which offers picturesque views that stretch for miles and miles. The Northern coast of the Wirral looks out to the Irish Sea and beyond.

More famously, to the East of The Wirral, lies the well known River Mersey that acts as a foundation for the glorious skyline of the city of Liverpool. Historical landmarks are scattered across The Wirral, scenic walking routes and cycle paths stretch through and around the landscape, and pockets of fine restaurants and bars can be found everywhere.

Isn't she lovely?! The views of Liverpool's skyline
from The Wirral are just incredible!
The Wirral's
hidden gem...

One of the advantages to being surrounded by water is the views it offers. Be sure to add Parkgate to your to-do list when you visit, but be prepared to spend an hour fighting for a parking space if it’s a sunny day. One of my earliest memories are running along the sandstone wall that boarders the entire length from the Parkgate Promenade from the marshland of the River Dee. 

Parkgate, Wirral

In the first of this series I’ll be taking you on a tour of Parkgate, the historic strip that stretches along the scenic shoreline of the River Dee. Parkgate is located on the west coast of the Wirral and it’s easy to see why it is a firm favourite with the locals. It boasts a collection of pubs, bars, cafes and boutiques all looking across the lush marshlands that are bustling with wildlife, over to the gorgeous hills of North Wales. Parkgate is great whatever the weather as you can watch the lazy sunset on a Summers evening or watch the rainclouds sweep past on an blistery Autumn day.

Fall in love with the
An elephent never forgets
and you won't forget

One of the most recent additions to the Parkgate front is the Elephant Lounge & Bar. This has instantly become one of my favourite places to visit on a regular bases as they have literally framed the incredible view of Wales, as you can see in the photograph. Nothing beats enjoying a drink and day dreaming across the Dee, regardless of the weather. Inside they’ve created an incredibly comfortable and trendy atmosphere with an industrial luxe design. 


The bare wood marries beautifully with the exposed steel of the building to effortlessly create the relaxed vintage yet contemporary feel. The lighting is similar to our collection, with vintage Edison bulbs providing a warm glow that allows you to linger for hours. I love this place, and I know you will too.

The perfect recipe is

Situated on the RSPB nature reserve, the Boathouse is a Haven for nature watchers and food lovers alike. It doesn’t get much cosier than this as the warm dark wood furniture allows you to linger over a delicious dinner and drinks in comfort. 

Parkgate, Wirral
Parkgate, Wirral
Parkgate, Wirral
Parkgate, Wirral

Their warm interior is achieved thanks to the rich walnut tones of their furniture. Like the look? Our Lyon Walnut or Sophia Oak ranges bring warmth in abundance into your Dining Room.

Grab your

The marshland stretching along the coast of Parkgate is a RSPB Wildlife reserve, which is the perfect opportunity to enjoy our feathered friends in their natural habitat. Be sure to watch out for the cheeky seagulls when you’re eating your chips! Check out their website for information to whats happening at each time of year and what birds you’ll be able to see in the area.

Parkgate, Wirral
Haven Watch
Did you know
we run an

Behind the scenes at The Haven Home Interiors we run a wild animal rehabilitation centre called Haven Watch?! If you love animals and want to keep up to date with all of the cheeky faces that we help nurture back to health then follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

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