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Organising Your Wardrobe

By Craig Burton

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Organising Your Wardrobe

I’ve been inspired to write this post because of a problem I’ve recently encountered. The Boxing Day and January sales offered some unmissable bargains that left me with nowhere to store my lovely new garments. I literally couldn’t close my wardrobe door and my drawers were bursting at the seams, thus forcing me to create a ‘floordrobe’.

Drastic action had to be taken because I am someone who takes pride in my tidiness and organisation, and one area that I’d overlooked was my wardrobe. As much as most of us dream of a walk in wardrobe that looks like something from a mansion in Beverley Hills, some of us will never fulfil that dream. That doesn’t mean to say that we can’t be proud of what we do have and after a lengthy project I have been rewarded with an organised and coordinated wardrobe. Below, I’ll share some handy tips that I discovered and utilised to yield excellent results during my mini project that you can use when organising your wardrobe.

Don’t Overload

By cramming too much in your wardrobe or drawers you’re more likely to be less inclined to keep it tidy, it will look unorganised and most definitely leave everything creased, which was one of the main issues I encountered. If I couldn’t fit any more in, I was less likely to put clothes away. If you push the boundaries of your drawers you could be at risk of damaging them and make them difficult to open.

Organising Your Wardrobe

Be Ruthless

I’m not saying you need to start filling bin liners full of clothes to take down to your nearest charity shop; there’s the inevitability that you’ll dispose of something you’ll want in the future. Trends come and go and if you have a quality coat that you haven’t worn for a while but don’t feel right giving away then you should put it in the attic. Bargain stores sell vacuum clothes bags that will protect your garment from dust as well as reduce the amount of space they demand. The same theory can be applied to seasonal clothes. Lighter jackets, shorts and t shirts can be stored over autumn and winter, and the same goes for spring and summer. For those clothes that are a crime to fashion that you wouldn’t be caught dead in, then it’s wise to get rid of them. I was surprised by how many forgotten clothes I’d accumulated and found scrunched in the back of drawers.

Like With Like

Organising your wardrobe will make light work when it comes to getting dressed. Keeping shirts together, jumpers and so on so forth. It will pay dividends to group your clothes and is easy to maintain. Not to forget, your wardrobe will look so much neater.

Hangers Make A Difference

If you’ve invested in a nice wardrobe then don’t neglect the inside. It’s time to free yourself of the mismatching hangers that make the wardrobe unsightly. Many pound or bargain stores sell packs of attractive and inexpensive wooden hangers that will spruce up your wardrobe. You’ll be surprised how much more appealing a wardrobe full of matching hangers will look.

Organising Your Wardrobe

Take The Time

This won’t be a quick job and will most likely take a few hours to complete. Have a goal in mind and put the kettle on, because this will be thirsty work. If you start and don’t finish, you can end up in a worse position than what you started.

Organising Your Wardrobe

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